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Contact Information of Hearing Organizations

601 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20049
Toll-free Voice: (888) 687-2277
TTY: (202) 434-6561
Toll-Free TTY: (877) 434-7598
Fax: (202) 434-6499
E-mail: media [at] aarp [dot] org

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell)
3417 Volta Place, NW
Washington, DC 20007-2778
Voice: (202) 337-5220
Toll-free Voice: (866) 337-5220
TTY: (202) 337-5221
Fax: (202) 337-8314
E-mail: info [at] agbell [dot] org

American Academy of Audiology (AAA)
11730 Plaza America Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190
Voice: (703) 790-8466
Toll-free Voice: (800) 222-2336
TTY: (703) 790-8466
Fax: (703) 790-8631
E-mail: info [at] audiology [dot] org

American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS)
One Prince Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3357
Voice: (703) 836-4444
TTY: (703) 519-1585
Fax: (703) 683-5100
E-mail: webmaster [at] entnet [dot] org

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
10801 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
Voice: (301) 897-5700
Toll-free Voice: (800) 638-8255
TTY: (301) 897-0157
Fax: (301) 571-0457
E-mail: actioncenter [at] asha [dot] org

Better Hearing Institute (BHI)
515 King Street, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314
Voice: (703) 684-3391
Toll-free Voice: (800) EAR-WELL (327-9355)
Fax: (703) 684-6048
E-mail: mail [at] betterhearing [dot] org

6700 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Toll-free Voice: (800) 648-4327
Fax: (952) 828-6946
E-mail: joanita [at] sotheworldmayhear [dot] org

Hearing Industries Association (HIA)
515 King Street, Suite 420
Alexandria, VA 22314
Voice: (703) 684-5744
Fax: (703) 684-6048
E-mail: crogin [at] clarionmanagement [dot] com

Hearing Loss Association of America
(formerly Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.)

7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200
Bethesda, MD 20814
Voice: (301) 657-2248
TTY: (301) 657-2249
Fax: (301) 913-9413
E-mail: info [at] hearingloss [dot] org

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