How To Use Our Comparison Tool

The Comparison Tool

Precise Hearing

has developed an easy way to compare digital open ear hearing aids.

Side by side, feature for feature comparisons including our low prices to help you make an informed decision on which digital open ear hearing aid has the features you need for the sound world you live in.

    • Enter the “Store” by clicking on the Store Tab at the top of the page.
    • Choose the open ear hearing aid manufacturer you are interested in.
    • Notice the small checkbox followed by the word “Compare” under the Pictures of the listed hearing aids.
    • Choose up to three models of digital open ear hearing aids by clicking in the checkbox under the picture.
    • Then click on the word “Compare” and you will see side by side comparisons of the hearing aids you’ve chosen.

Use the Navigation bar on the left side of the screen to move between manufacturers.

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