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Hearing Aid Accessories: General accessories

Product Price
Clear Soft Earmolds
The Attractive Ready-To-Wear Earmold For BTE Hearing Aids. Made from soft flexible clear-soft rubber for a highly comfortable fit. NOTE: These earmolds are NON-REFUNDABLE and there is only one in a package. These are for use... $18.95
Dry & Store Box
Save Money on Repairs! Aids work better, last longer with Dry & Store Box! Save 50% - While Supplies Last. Regular price $179 The Dry & Store Box will pay for itself many times over by reduced hearing aid repair... $89.00
Hear Aid Cleaning Filament 4 Pack
Cleaning filaments for helping clear hearing aid tubes from debris and ear wax. There are 4 filaments in each pack. $5.00
ReSound Dot Sport Lock
The ReSound Dot Sport Lock curls into the ear canal to add extra support to your hearing aid placement. This helps keep the hearing aid from coming out of your ear, and also assists in making the hearing aid easier to remove... $2.50
Siemens Aquaris Optional Sports Clip
The Siemens Aquaris Sport Clip securely attaches to the waterproof aid and lets you wrap a bendable plastic-covered wire under your ear to secure the hearing aid during activities such as swimming. $25.00
Miracell - Relief For Ears .5 fl oz.
Research and Professional Training, Has Found A "Must Have" Product For All Hearing Aid Users Dr. Chartrand reports that MiraCell, a blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts, can effectively replace Oto-Eze and... $10.00
Standard Earmold Replacement Tubes
Standard earmold replacement tubes are pre-bent and tapered. Being pre-bent gives a close-to-the-ear fit to make them less visible. The tapered end allows easy insertion into your earmolds. Changing your old stiff and... $12.00
Temporary Foam Ear Molds
For use with BTE hearing aids. Temporary Foam Ear Molds are similar to foam ear plugs and have a tube running through the middle that allows sound to get from a BTE hearing aid into the ear. Great for hunters and others that... $23.99
Dry Aid Jar
Save Money on Repairs! Aids work better, last longer with Dry Aid! The Dry Aid Jar will pay for itself many times over by reduced hearing aid repair costs. Put your hearing aid or hearing aids in this jar overnight. Super... $20.00
Ear Wax Removal System
Ear Wax Removal System Remove the wax and hear better! The complete medically approved system to remove ear wax. Fast acting formula and easy to use. $10.00

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