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Phonak TV Link II


Improve your TV or music listening experience

For hearing impaired people that have trouble understanding TV even with hearing aids, the Phonak TV Link II base station will be a big help. The Phonak TV Link II easily connects to the audio output or headphone jack of almost any audio source such as TVs, stereos, Mp3 players, radios, computers and more, then transmits that audio signal via Bluetooth technology to the Phonak wireless receiver you wear (i.e. ComPilot or ComPilot Air II), thus enabling the sound to be streamed in stereo quality directly through their hearing aids. In addition, unlike other assistive listening devices, your hearing aids do not have to be removed when using the Phonak TV Link II. This allows users to stay connected to other sounds around them such as conversations, while still enjoying the digital audio sounds they are streaming.

NOTE: This base station is primarily for use with the Phonak ComPilot II bluetooth device. However, while it does offer backwards compatibility with Phonak ComPilot devices as well, the ComPilot may not be able to charge while on the base, therefore wall outlet charging would be required

Here are a few of numerous audio sources that can be connected to the Phonak TV Link II:
  • TV
  • Home Stereo
  • MP3 Player
  • iPod
  • iphone
  • Mobile phone
  • PC/laptop speakers
  • Headphone Devices
Do you need the Phonak ComPilot Air II bluetooth device also? Then why not purchase the ComPilot II TV Package and get both devices together and save a few bucks, while still getting everything you need to enjoy a better listening experience while enjoying the convenience of wireless Bluetooth technology with your TV.


  • Convenient wireless connectivity for home stereo system
  • Stream the music from mobile phone or PC to your home stereo system wirelessly
  • Compatible with iPhone 3G (OS3.0/above) and iPhone 3GS
  • Compatible with Mac Computer (OSX 10.5/above)
  • Stream the music from TV/CD Player to Bluetooth stereo headset
  • Up to 100 meters of extended usage range for Bluetooth Class 1 when connected to Class 1 devices
  • Quick and easy one-button pairing and switch between music transmission and reception
  • Automatic re-connection to the last connected device


  • Dimension : 120 x 60 x 57 mm
  • Wireless Bluetooth class 1 technology for 100 meters range
  • Stream audio from TV or DVD Player to bluetooth stereo headset
  • Stream music from mobile phone to home stereo system
  • Stream music from PC / Mac to home stereo system
  • Compatible to iPhone 3G (OS3.0/above) and iPhone 3GS
  • Temperature range : 0 to 50 degrees centigrade
  • Frequency range: 2.40~2.48 GHZ
  • 1 - year limited warranty

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