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Hearing Aid Accessories

Product Price
Siemens easyPocket Remote
easyPocket Remote by Siemens When purchased with a pair of hearing aids the price is $175.00. Please note that if the easyPocket is purchased separately your hearing aids will need to be synced to work with your new remote... $250.00
Siemens EasyTek Remote
Siemens EasyTek remote - the Wireless Enhancement System. You can go wireless with Siemens EasyTek remote, connecting your hearing aids to all of your wireless devices. The EasyTek can connect to 2 phones at once. When fully... $300.00
Siemens EasyTek Transmitter
Note this is for use with the Siemens EasyTek Remote only! This is sold separately from the EasyTek. You can use up to two transmitters for each remote. This enables external devices (such as TV, DVD player, etc.) to be... $149.00
Siemens Pure Micon Hearing Aid Battery Charger
This Pure charger works for the newest Pure Micon Models only: Pure Mi 501 and Pure Mi 701. Please note this charger does not work for the older Pure hearing aids.   With the Pure Micon easy-to-use charger, the... $160.00
Siemens VoiceLink
Siemens VoiceLink transmitter and microphone is worn by an individual or placed on a table and transmits the sound directly into your hearing aids without any audio delay when used in conjunction with the Siemens miniTek.... $199.00
Sonic Innovations RC-N Remote Control
RC-N Remote Control by Sonic Innovations Allows easy operation of program and volume changes. With lower power consumption and easier-to-feel controls, the newly designed RC-N Remote Control offers easy, discreet program... $160.00
Sonic Innovations SoundGate 3
The SoundGate 3 by Sonic Innovations Add the Wow of Wireless Powerful Bluetooth technology allows the Sonic Innovations Soundgate 3 to connect Sonic Innovations brand hearing aids to iphone and Android phones or virtually... $249.00
Sonic Innovations SoundGate Mic
Sonic Innovations SoundGate Mic is an easy to use wireless microphone system is worn by an individual or placed close to the desired speaker. It transmits the sound directly into your hearing aids when used in conjunction... $149.00
Sonic Innovations TV Adapter 2
Watching television becomes even more enjoyable when the dialogue, sound effects and theme songs come right to you. The TV Adapter is an optional device that connects to your television. When you want to watch a show,... $199.00
Unitron Remote
The optional Unitron Remote Control adds convenience to your day. Unitron Remote Control allows you adjust the volume as well as selecting the next listening program. The Home button allows you to return both aids to the... $240.00

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