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Hearing Aid Accessories

Product Price
Phonak TV Link II
Improve your TV or music listening experience For hearing impaired people that have trouble understanding TV even with hearing aids, the Phonak TV Link II base station will be a big help. The Phonak TV Link II easily... $149.00
Phonak ComPilot II
The ComPilot Air II by Phonak Convenient, Streaming Audio Directly to your Hearing Aids Powerful Bluetooth technology allows the Phonak ComPilot Air II to connect Phonak brand hearing aids to cell phones or virtually any... $519.00
ReSound Dot Sport Lock
The ReSound Dot Sport Lock curls into the ear canal to add extra support to your hearing aid placement. This helps keep the hearing aid from coming out of your ear, and also assists in making the hearing aid easier to remove... $2.50
Phonak ComPilot II/TV Link II Package
Phonak ComPilot II / TV Link II Package Already have the Phonak ComPilot Air II for your hearing aids and looking to purchase the Phonak TV Link II separately? Couple the Phonak ComPilot II and the Phonak TV Link II... $549.00
Siemens miniTek remote
Siemens miniTek remote - the Wireless Enhancement System. You can go wireless with Siemens miniTek remote, connecting your hearing aids to all of your wireless devices. The miniTek can connect to 2 phones at once. When fully... $450.00
Phonak RemoteMic
Phonak's RemoteMic is an easy to use wireless microphone system and is worn by an individual or placed close to the desired speaker. It transmits the sound directly into your hearing aids when used in conjuction with the... $149.00
Siemens miniTek transmitter
Note this is for use with the Siemens miniTek Remote only! You can use up to two transmitters for each remote. This enables external devices (such as TV, DVD player, etc.) to be heard through both your hearing aids. $149.00
Siemens Aquaris Optional Sports Clip
The Siemens Aquaris Sport Clip securely attaches to the waterproof aid and lets you wrap a bendable plastic-covered wire under your ear to secure the hearing aid during activities such as swimming. $25.00
Standard Earmold Replacement Tubes
Standard earmold replacement tubes are pre-bent and tapered. Being pre-bent gives a close-to-the-ear fit to make them less visible. The tapered end allows easy insertion into your earmolds. Changing your old stiff and... $12.00
Temporary Foam Ear Molds
For use with BTE hearing aids. Temporary Foam Ear Molds are similar to foam ear plugs and have a tube running through the middle that allows sound to get from a BTE hearing aid into the ear. Great for hunters and others that... $23.99

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