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Unitron Moxi Kiss 6 Hearing Aids
Moxi Kiss 6 is the choice for people that want the best price. This third level technology performs well in most noise levels that people encounter. Moxi Kiss is the newest technology in the Moxi Series with twice the... Discontinued
Phonak Audeo V Hearing Aids
Audeo V (now the Phonak Audeo S YES V) is the high-tech answer to reintroducing you to what you haven’t been hearing. It is truly a Personal Communication Assistant to bring you back to life at its fullest. Cutting-edge... Discontinued
Siemens Life 500 Hearing Aids
Life 500 is the middle level of the early Life series of hearing aids by Siemens. Developed to answer the need for an easy-to-use, value-priced hearing aid, Siemens Life 500 fits the bill. Elegance and simplicity in a small... Discontinued
Phonak microSavia Hearing Aids
Brings outstanding performance, elegant design, long battery life and cutting-edge performance and features. Its automatic features make it easy to adapt to changing listening environments. The microSavia hearing aid has... Discontinued
Phonak microSavia Art Hearing Aids
Phonak has replaced this hearing aid with the Phonak Exelia Art. Our leading edge product offering, embracing all segments, is founded on the revolutionary Digital Bionics technology. With this technology, Phonak has... Discontinued
Siemens Pure 500 Hearing Aids
Pure is an amazing hearing aid technology from Siemens. With Pure 500, Siemens took a large step forward in dealing with hearing loss. Siemens Pure 500 open ear hearing aids pack a lot of features into a small package for a... Discontinued
Phonak microSavia CRT Hearing Aids
Founded on the revolutionary Digital Bionics technology. With this technology, Phonak has introduced pioneering, ground breaking features that have set new benefit and performance standards. Phonak is now unveiling the... Discontinued
Siemens Acuris Life Hearing Aids
The Siemens Acuris Life's modern approach will blend seamlessly into your lifestyle. An innovative Open Fit hearing aid, it forgoes traditional methods, such as earhooks and conspicuous controls in favor of small casing and... Discontinued
Siemens Acuris S Hearing Aids
Trend-setting Technology Years of researching, refining, innovating and listening to what really matters to individuals with hearing loss has produced the world’s most advanced hearing system – ACURIS™ with e2e wireless™.... Discontinued
Siemens Life 700 Hearing Aids
Life 700 was the premier level of the new Life series of hearing aids by Siemens. Developed to answer the need for an easy-to-use, full-featured hearing aid, Siemens Life 700 really delivers. Now the series is even better!... Discontinued

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