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Siemens Artis 2 Life Hearing Aids
The Life series of open ear/open fit digital hearing aids by Siemens starts with the entry level Cielo 2 Life, the mid level Artis 2 Life, and is completed by Centra Life. Siemens Artis 2 Life features some of the best... Discontinued
Siemens Pure 700 Hearing Aids
Pure is Siemens' latest hearing aid technology. With Pure 700, Siemens has taken a large step forward in dealing with hearing loss. Siemens Pure 700 open ear hearing aids are designed to be very small for a discreet,... Discontinued
Siemens Artis 2 S Hearing Aids
ARTIS - A higher level of binaural performance. Binaural fittings (wearing hearing instruments in both ears) have always held great promise for individuals with hearing loss. They offer improved sound quality, better speech... Discontinued
Siemens Centra Active Hearing Aids
The Active family of open ear/open fit digital hearing aids by Siemens consists of the entry level CIELO 2 Active and premier technology CENTRA Active. Like the name implies CENTRA Active was designed for active life styles... Discontinued
Siemens Centra Life Hearing Aids
The Life family of open ear and open fit digital hearing aids by Siemens starts with the entry level Cielo 2 Life, the mid level Artis 2 Life, & the premier level Centra Life. Centra Life comes with a broad array of... Discontinued
Siemens Centra S Hearing Aids
What really matters to wearers is enjoying the most natural, personal, and comfortable listening experience possible. That’s why Siemens developed CENTRA™, the world’s most wearer-focused hearing instrument. CENTRA features... Discontinued
Unitron Shift Hearing Aids
Shift from Unitron is among the smallest open fit hearing aids available on the outside. Inside Shift has a big list of leading edge features designed to improve your hearing in ways not possible before now. Shift uses Canal... Discontinued
Siemens Cielo 2 Active Hearing Aids
Cielo 2 Active is loaded with all of the technology you need, so you can do whatever you want.Cielo 2 Active doesn't just amplify sounds. It seamlessly improves your overall listening experience. Hear better in crowds, in... Discontinued
Siemens Cielo 2 BTE Hearing Aids
Siemens Cielo 2 Directional BTE(Behind-The-Ear)'s slim profile, coupled with its open fit - slim, nearly invisible clear tubes paired with tiny earbuds - not only make it inconspicuous, but also make it one of the most... Discontinued
Unitron Moxi Pro Hearing Aids
Ask us about our special accessories package pricing for $250.00! The Moxi Pro is a high end addition to Unitron’s Moxi line released Spring 2012. Like the Moxi 20, it is powered by the Era platform, but now uses... Discontinued

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