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Precise Hearing X Hearing Aids

$1,099 per aid

Add a Power Upgrade to your hearing aid


Hearing aid purchase price includes:

  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Risk Free 30-day Trial Period.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee.

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"Versatile, Best of Basic Digital Hearing Aids"

For Hearing Loss: Noticeable to Severe or High Frequency

This powerful hearing aid is compact in size, but loaded with important digital technology features that focus on helping you hear more clearly. By avoiding the unnecessary but often engaging features that expensive hearing aids include, we are able to keep the price of the Precise Hearing X in the affordable range. In other words, this affordable hearing aid delivers outstanding results despite its low price!

The Precise Hearing X is wide ranging device designed as a hearing solution for people that have trouble understanding conversation in noisy environments. It includes 12 channels of frequency shaping and 10 bands of layered noise reduction to deliver a comfortable sound that balances out background noise while emphasizing voices and other sounds that you might otherwise be missing.

The digital sound processing chip helps make speech easier to understand by producing crystal clear sound with less feedback. Other features include an easy to use volume control wheel, user controlled memory button (3 modes – Quiet, Noise and High Cut) and a helpful low battery warning. This combination of impressive features and low price makes the Precise Hearing X a tremendous value and our top selling digital hearing aid.

Need a bit more power? If so, please add the POWER UPGRADE to your hearing aid. The power upgrade consists of an ear-hook and thicker tubing to provide you with increased sound input.

  • Peak OSPL90 (dB SPL) -- 120dB
  • HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL) -- 110db
  • Peak Gain(dB) -- 45db
  • Reference Test Gain (dB) -- 35db
  • HFA full on Gain (dB) -- 30db
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 500 Hz -- 3%
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 800 Hz -- 2%
  • Total Harmonic Distort @ 1600 Hz -- 1%
  • EQ Input Noise (dB) -- 25
  • Battery Current (mA) -- 1.0
  • Frequency Range (Hz) -- 200 - 5500
  • Battery Size -- 13


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