Signia Pure NX BT 3 Hearing Aids

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“Signia’s Smallest Made For iPhone® Hearing Aid”

The Signia Pure Nx series is Signia’s newest “made-for-iPhone” hearing aid with advanced “Own Voice” technology. Own Voice Processing detects your own voice and adjusts automatically to provide clearer, sharper hearing in conversations. Signia Pure Nx continues a tradition of technological excellence with advanced features like automatic adaptive directionality, SpeechFocus, Tinnitus Management and discrete control from your iOS based smartphone with the myControl app.

Signia Pure Nx uses high-definition binaural technology to combine the input and processing power of a pair of instruments to allow you to hear more clearly in even the most challenging situations. This “made-for-iPhone” hearing aid gives you high-fidelity speech discernment with true aid-to-aid communication for better awareness of your surroundings. You can now enjoy “better-than-normal” hearing (according to clinical studies) and direct streaming of calls and media from your iPhone.

Signia Pure Nx Hearing Aids are available with either a smaller size 312 battery or the larger size 13 battery and in the following technology levels:

Signia Hearing Aid Accessories:

  • Signia Pure Primax Hearing Aid Battery Charger – $139
  • Signia Motion Primax Hearing Aid Battery Charger – $139
  • Signia Cellion Primax Hearing Aid Battery Charger – FREE with purchase of pair, sold separately for $225
  • Signia easyTek Streamer – $349
  • Signia easyTek Streamer with TV Transmitter – $449
  • Signia easyPocket remote – $175
  • Signia miniPocket remote – $199
  • Signia Voice Link – $199
  • Signia Streamline TV (for Nx and Pure 13BT models only) – $250



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