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Unitron Tempus Moxi Kiss 600 Hearing Aids

$1,099 per aid
Regular Price: $1,549

Hearing aid purchase price includes:

  • Full 3 year manufacturer's warranty with a 3 year loss and damage coverage.
  • No restocking fee.
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"Maximum Visual Appeal That Delivers Outstanding Sound Quality"

The latest Unitron Moxi Kiss hearing aids are now available on the new Tempus platform and continue to deliver on the high fidelity natural sound that wearers have come to expect. With a slim, smooth and push button free design, the Unitron Moxi Kiss delivers the perfect balance of comfort, fit, finish, and color. Tempus is powerful new sound processing technology that builds on the North platform it replaces. With Tempus, Unitron has taken their passion for hearing aids to the next level and addressed the challenging problem of improving conversations in noisy and crowded environments. The result is a big step forward in speech discrimination, sound localization and overall comfort.

The Moxi Kiss uses a 312 battery and functions automatically without an onboard button. Manual control of volume and/or environmental program requires use of an optional remote control. Moxi Kiss 600 offers great performance for those who spend an average amount of their time in mid-level noise ranges.

Call to see if your Unitron Hearing Aid purchase qualifies for a free bluetooth streamer or remote control.

Tempus Moxi Kiss - Compatible Accessories - can be selected as additional options to your hearing aid purchase.

  • uStream- is a wireless remote control capable of streaming stereo sound from other wireless devices to Unitron hearing aids with the Tempus platform. The connection between the uStream and the Tempus hearing aids is wireless.
  • uMic- is a wireless microphone capable of picking up audio and streaming it to the uStream or uDirect 3.
  • uTV3- Streams TV audio to the uStream or uDirect 3.
  • uDirect3- is a wireless remote control capable of streaming stereo sound from other wireless devices to Unitron hearing aids with the Tempus platform. The connection between the uDirect and the Tempus hearing aids is via a neck loop. Other devices such as MP3 players, FM receivers, can be connected directly to the uDirect.
  • uControl app- allows a smartphone to be used as a remote control for Unitron Hearing aids with the Tempus platform. It is available for download from iTunes or the Android Store.
  • Remote Control 2- wireless remote control for Unitron Hearing aids with the Tempus platform.

In addition to the 600, the Moxi Kiss is available in 4 additional technology levels - Pro, 800, 700 and 500 - to help match automatic performance to your lifestyle and budget.


The two most common technologies used in hearing aids are analog and digital. Digital is newer and considered to be much more flexible, capable of doing more operations, and the only technology used in modern hearing aids.
Open Fit Type RIC / CRT
Human speech ranges in frequencies roughly from 250 to 6000 Hz. Hearing aids are built so that this group of frequencies (250 to 6000 Hz) is divided into smaller groups, called bands or channels.
Multiple memory settings can be programmed into the aid to give the user the ability to cope with changing sound and noise environments with the push of a button.
Technology Level Standard
Volume Control
Volume control is generally considered to be a manual adjustment that the user can control. All hearing aids have automatic gain control designed to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds tolerable. This is done automatically within limits programmed into the device.
Available with Remote
On-Board Control Type
Controls on hearing aids usually have one or more of:
1. A momentary button used to change from one memory to the next
2. A button used to increase the level of volume
3. A rocker switch where pushing on one end does one function while the other end does another function
4. A wheel that will control volume
Remote Control Available
Remote controls for hearing aids are small enough to comfortably fit in a pocket. A remote control will enable more functions than can be put on a hearing aid itself.
Directional Microphones
Microphones are the electronic component that picks up sound. Microphones are very small and can be made to pick up more sound in one direction than all others. This is called a directional microphone.
Noise Reduction
Technology to separate voices from other sounds is continuously being improved. Each manufacturer has a patented process and trademarked name for noise reduction.
Sudden Noise Protection
This feature helps make hearing aids acoustically comfortable by dampening sudden loud noises, such as a dropped dish.
Wind Noise Protection
Wind noise is an important feature for those that spend time in the outdoors by reducing the roar of wind across the microphone. This feature is improving but is not effective in gusty wind conditions.
Feedback Management
Acoustic Feedback, is also known as squealing, buzzing, 'your aids are talking to you', etc.
Telecoils help with telephones that are rated hearing aid compatible.
Aid-to-Aid Communication
Communication from one hearing aid to the other is a very low strength signal designed to keep both hearing aids operating in the same mode at the same volume.
Bluetooth Capable
Being able to couple your hearing aids with a BlueTooth-enabled device, such as a cell phone, allows phone conversations to be heard through your hearing aids.
Direct Audio Input (DAI)
DAI is only on Large and Full Size hearing aids due to the need for terminals on the outside of the case. Using DAI allows other devices to connect directly to the hearing aids and input their audio signal.
Battery Size/Color
Conventional Hearing Aid Batteries cost less than a dollar per battery and are very easy to change.
312 (Brown)
Warranty 3 years
Loss/Damage Warranty 3 years


600 Level performance features

  • Binaural Phone- puts phone conversation in both hearing aids to improve clarity and understanding.
  • Sound Nav- is a smart sound-recognition technology that automatically detects the type of noise around you and selects the best of three sound environment programs to improve speech comprehension no matter where life takes you.

Standard Features in all performance levels

  • Sound Conductor- optimizes volume and clarity of speech in quiet and loud environments.
  • Pinna Effect- adjusts for the microphone’s location out of the ear for a more natural sound environment.
  • Sound Stabilization- uses data from multiple features to further refine the final output for comfort and clarity.
  • Anti Shock 2- realtime sudden-impact noise protection that suppresses loud bangs and irritating sounds while still amplifying soft sounds.
  • Natural Sound Balance- keeps the hearing aid settings synchronized.
  • Feedback Manager- provides realtime acoustic feedback cancellation.
  • Wind Control- cancels the roar of wind across the microphones.


Amber Suede
Espresso Boost
Pewter Shine
Teal Blast
Data Sheets/Manuals
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