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Phonak Certena Art Hearing Aids
Enjoy the clarity and convenience that the Phonak Certena Art delivers at a price you can afford! In a long list of successful Phonak hearing aids, Certena Art is offered as an entry level hearing aid incorporating Phonak's... $1,189 per aid$1,509 per aid
Phonak Versata Art Hearing Aids
Versata Art uses the advanced version of Phonak's CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) technology. It is available in two mini-BTE open ear models and two BTE models. The mini-BTE open ear models are small... $1,589 per aid$1,949 per aid
Phonak Audeo S Mini V Hearing Aids
The Audeo S MINI Series is the smallest Phonak ever. It is so tiny and automatic you can just wear it and forget it! Plus the S MINI V is the mid-level aid that comes with all of the great standards in technology and... $1,749 per aid$1,949 per aid
Phonak Ambra Hearing Aids
The exclusive hearing benefits only a Phonak Ambra has:     Understanding everywhere     Surprising size and looks     Connecting to everyone     Personalizing... $2,299 per aid$2,539 per aid
Siemens Pure Carat 701 XCEL Hearing Aids
With Pure Carat 701 XCEL, Siemens has taken a large step forward in dealing with hearing loss at an economy price. Siemens Pure Carat 701 XCEL open ear hearing aids are technology-filled and small with a comfortable,... Call for info
Siemens Aquaris 7 Micon Hearing Aids
The Aquaris 7 Micon brings the power of 48 channels to a hearing aid that is waterproof. It’s waterproof – Protection rating of 68 for continuous immersion It is capable of having tinnitus program. (Mask noise in your ears... Call for info
Phonak Audeo Q90 Hearing Aids
Audeo Q90 - Phonak's premium technology receiver in canal hearing aid, solving the problems of conversations on windy days and in noisy environments with the ease of totally adjustable, intelligent operation in a durable... $2,299 per aid$2,539 per aid

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