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Starkey Receiver Tubes


Starkey Receivers will work with the following manufacturers:

  • Starkey
  • Audibel
  • MicroTech
  • NuEar
  • The higher the number on the tube, the longer the tubing will be. If you currently have tubes, the size you need will be printed in blue or red on the end where the dome connects. (You may need a magnifying glass and good lighting to see this)
  • Find information and links to Domes and Batteries below the Receiver information.

    This tube fits the following hearing aids:
    Audibel Anthem Bronze
    Audibel Anthem Gold
    Audibel Anthem Platinum
    Audibel Anthem Silver
    Micro-Tech Axio iM32
    Micro-Tech Vector iM24
    Micro-Tech Vector iM16
    Micro-Tech Vector iM12
    NuEar Imagine Classic
    NuEar Imagine Privilege
    NuEar Imagine Pro
    Starkey E Series
    Starkey S Series 5, 7, 9, 11
    Starkey Zon 5,7, and 9
    Starkey Wi Series
    Matching Domes

    Starkey Domes

    (Pack of 5)

    Factory Original Replacement Starkey Domes

    Comfortable and non-occluding! Use the Starkey domes with Starkey OTE Tubes to make a slim-tube Earmold.

    The Starkey domes will fit all Starkey Tubes. The Starkey domes slide over the end of the ear canal end of the Tubes. Although the Domes fit snugly on the Tubes they are easy to get on and off.

  • To get the size you need, measure the widest diameter of dome in millimeters.
  • Starkey domes come five to a package (5) and are available in three diameter sizes and two styles:

    • Small Open
    • Medium Open (Most Common)
    • Large Open
    • Small Closed
    • Medium Closed
    • Large Closed

    Images are not actual size

    Available Batteries

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