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Hearing Aid Tubes and Domes: Miracle ear

How does this page work?

We have listed many of the Tubes and Receivers that Precise Hearing carries. You can use this list in a couple of different ways.

  1. Find the name of your specific hearing aid & then click on the corresponding link.
  2. Use the Find/Search function ([Windows] Hold down "Ctrl + F" or [Mac] "Apple + F") and type in the name of your hearing aid.
  3. Locate the specific tube you use by name and then click on that link.

Looking for Domes?

If you are looking for Domes this is still a good place to start because each of the tube or receiver pages listed below also show the matching domes your specific hearing aid will require as well as an Add to Cart form to order your domes.


Many hearing aid manufacturers use the same tubes and domes so don't get confused if your hearing aid is from one manufacturer and the tube that fits it is from a different manufacturer all together.

Siemens Life Tubes and Domes fit the following hearing aids
Acuris Life
Aquaris Micon
Centra Life
Cielo BTE
Cielo Dir
Intus Life
Life 300, 500, 700
Life 101, 301, 501, 701
Life Micon
Orion P, M, S
Sirion P, M, S
Accord Free
Accord Open
Accord P
Bridge 12 Free
Bridge 12 Open
Bridge 8 Free
Bridge 8 Open
Calibra 1 Pro Free
Calibra 2 Pro Free
Day Free
Day Open
Finesse Free
Finesse Open
Finesse P
Insite Free
Insite Open
Joy Free
Joy Open
Joy P
Revera WL Free
Targo Plus Free
Targa Pro Free
Figaro 2
Figaro 4
Antaro mini BTE
Inara mini BTE
Sorino mini BTE
Siemens Receiver Tubes and Domes fit the following hearing aids
Centra Active
Pure 300, 500, and 700
Cobalt 12
Cobalt 16
Gem 12
Gem 8
ME- 1
ME- 2
ME- 3
ME- 4

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